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Product Code Product Name Specifications Unit Amount Amount Type Add To Cart
160041 Beef Angus Burgers 4oz 4oz 
160042 Beef Angus Burgers 6oz 6oz 
160043 Beef Angus Burgers 8oz 8oz 
160023 Beef Augi Burgers 3oz 3 oz, Need Notice 
160025 Beef Augi Burgers 4oz 4oz 
160030 Beef Augi Burgers 5oz 5oz 
160035 Beef Augi Burgers 6oz 6oz 
160040 Beef Augi Burgers 8oz 8oz 
160079 Beef Brisket Burger - 8oz 8oz 
160081 Beef Brisket Burgers 2oz  
Beef Burger 2 oz (40%Brisket/40%Chuck/20%Fat Cap) - Need Notice  
160024 Beef Burgers Precooked 3.5oz 3.5 oz (47 pce/Box), Need Notice 
160077 Beef Prime Rib Burgers 4oz 4 oz, Need Notice 
160077 Beef Prime Rib Burgers 6oz 4 oz, Need Notice 
160080 Beef Prime Rib Burgers 8oz 8oz, Need Notice 
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