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Product Code Product Name Specifications Unit Amount Amount Type Add To Cart
120262 Halal AA Beef Prime Rib Capless 2x2 17-20 lbs
120261 Halal AA Beef Prime Rib Deluxe 2x2 20-26 lbs
120271 Halal AA Beef Ribeye 1x1 13-17 lbs
120291 Halal AA Beef Ribeye Steaks 1x1 Specify Size
170017 Halal AA Beef Striploin 0 x 1 11 - 14 lb avg
170015 Halal AA Beef Striploin Steak C/C
100216 Halal AA Beef Tenderloin 189/A W/out
140081 Halal AA Beef Top Sirloin Butt
160166 Halal AA/AAA Beef Back Ribs
160181 Halal AA/AAA Beef Brisket
160246 Halal AA/AAA Beef Eye of the Round
160271 Halal AA/AAA Beef Flank Steaks
160247 Halal AA/AAA Beef Flats
170000 Halal AA/AAA Beef Insides
160311 Halal AA/AAA Beef Ponderosa Hip - Need Notice
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