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Product Code Product Name Specifications Unit Amount Amount Type Add To Cart
110035 Angus Striploin Steak E/E 12oz  
110160 AA Beef Striploin Steak C/C 5oz  
120115 Angus Ribeye 1x1 Steak 10oz  
120250 AAA Beef Ribeye 1x1 Steak 14oz 14oz 
130120 AAA Beef Porterhouse Steak 56oz  
160024 Beef Burgers Precooked 3.5oz 3.5 oz (47 pce/Box), Need Notice 
160155 Beef Knuckle Bones  
160355 Beef Livers Sliced 4oz 2 Pces/Bag 
160195 AA/AAA Boneless Chuck 25 lb Bag 
160316 Beef Honeycomb Tripe - Cut Italian Style 10 Kg Box - By Box Only, Need Notice 
240015 Ch Veal Porterhouse Steak 12oz Need Notice 
220000 Ch Veal Rack Chine Off Cap Off 7-9 lb Avg Pce 
230030 Ch Veal Ribeye Steak 9oz  
280040 Ch Veal Kidneys Diced 5 lb Bags, Need Notice 
241005 Milk Fed Veal Cutlet 4oz  
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