Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long are World Meats' steaks aged?

All beef products are aged for a minimum of 21 days unless otherwise specified.

2. Is there a return policy?

All claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery. Please call our office at 905-569-0559 or email to discuss any product issues. Prices are subject to change without notice. Products and prices are based on availability.

3. Do you deliver to the doorstep?

Yes, for homes we deliver to your doorstep. For apartment or condo buildings, while we can only delivery to the lobby, we will ring the doorbell, call the number on file and wait for a response before leaving the order

4. Do you deliver to units within a condo / apartment building?

Due to typical building restrictions, we can only deliver to the lobby. However, we will ring the doorbell, call the number on file and wait for a response before leaving the order.

5. Is each product individually wrapped and frozen?

Product packaging differs from product to product. Product specific packaging information can be found within the specific product screen on the app.

6. How long will my steaks stay fresh?

All products are frozen (unless specified) and have a shelf life of 365 days – if kept in the freezer.

7. Can I order fresh products?

Fresh products can be ordered however we do require notice for this – please inquire for more information.

8. Can I change my order?

If you have already submitted your order and would like to make changes, please contact the office directly at 905-569-0559. We will do our best to accommodate any requests.

9. Can I cancel my order?

Should you need to cancel your order, please contact the office directly at 905-569-0559.

10. Why is my final price sometimes slightly different from the price at checkout?

Final prices are based on the weights of products you have received if you have ordered products which are priced by the pound. The price shown previously is an estimated price based on an average weight.

11. When does my credit card get charged?

Your credit card will be charged once your order has been delivered or picked up.

12. Is the Chicken Antibiotic Free (ABF) and Hormone Free?

Yes it is!

14. What is the average thickness on a steak?

For a Striploin or Ribeye steak, the thickness is dependent on the eye of the loin. A good starting point for the thickness is as follows: 8oz - 3/4'', 10oz - 1'', 12oz - 1 -1 1/4''.

14. What grade is our Australian Wagyu Ribeye?

Our Australian Wagyu is grade M7-8.